Quotes from Petersfield Infant Parents
R C, Petersfield resident: “Wow, what a fab idea – we will use it!”
R W, Petersfield resident: “We would use this as a family – an amazing idea.”
C S, Petersfield resident: “We often have the idea to go for a bike ride, but then think ‘where to go’ and end up having to get in the car to Alice Holt.  It would be great to have a cycle route nearby that didn’t involve getting in the car.”
JD, Petersfield resident: “Would be amazing.  As a family we love to cycle, but especially in Petersfield there are not enough tracks, especially as the countryside is so beautiful.”

“Disabled Ramblers wishes to declare its support for ‘Shortcut’ in their project ………..  We know from our 16 years’ experience that getting access to the countryside can be a dramatic, life-changing experience for disabled people who have previously felt condemned to a life of sitting at home in a wheelchair………Extended traffic free routes like this one can bring enormous benefit to local people as well as encouraging tourism.  In our case it will make it much more likely that we could include the South Downs in our Annual Rambles Programme.  Our rambling events regularly bring 50 or more people to the area for several days. They would book B & B or hotel accommodation and spend money in local shops and attractions providing a boost to the local economy.  We therefore commend this project and support Shortcut in their efforts to gain the necessary permissions and funding.” 

Tony Dickens, Chairman, Disabled Ramblers (RCN 1103508)

“Cycling is an increasingly popular mode of transport and it is important that cycling is made as safe as possible. This proposal could help to provide a safe environment for cyclist, walkers and runners to enjoy the local countryside.”

Andrew Tyrie MP

“Petersfield Mountain Bikers are very supportive of the proposed Petersfield to Midhurst Off Road Track. As cycling group using local tracks and bridleways on a weekly basis, a new off-road track would be a great asset for the many recreational cyclists in the area. The proposed track could help link up existing bridleways and tracks for mountain bikers which are currently only accessible via the busy A272, to create new cross-country mountain biking routes.

Petersfield Mountain Bikers is an online social network for riders based in and around the Petersfield area to chat about and organise rides. The network was started in March 2007 and has over 200 members.”

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“Getting out of cars and walking or cycling is better not only for us but for the environment, and in our area we are fortunate to have fantastic countryside that everyone should be able to enjoy in the years to come. A vehicle-free route such as this can benefit residents by providing a safe way for children to get to school as well as for adults’ exercise and enjoyment. It also has potential to attract more visitors and support the local economy. I commend the vision for Shortcut, and the work the charity is doing.”

Damian Hinds
MP  East Hampshire


“I fully support Shortcut’s aim of building a safe and enjoyable cycle route along the old railway line from Midhurst to Petersfield. At present there is no direct or quiet route to cycle between the two towns. Enstalling the cycle route would encourage less vehicle journeys, be beneficial to people’s health and would be a wonderful incentive to get more children on to bikes and for them to ride well away from the dangers of speeding motor traffic.”

Josie Dew, Cyclist


“Getting out of cars and onto bikes is good for people, good for towns and
cities, and good for the environment. Most adults have fond childhood
memories of being able to cycle around their area, yet sadly most children
today are denied this freedom – largely because of the threat from traffic.
Cycle paths offer a safe, enjoyable, car-free alternative to streets that
open up the great outdoors to children and families, and make a real
difference to how we get around. I am happy to support Shortcut’s campaign.”

Tim Gill, author of No Fear: Growing up in a Risk Averse Society, regarded as a leading thinker on


“Midhurst Town Team very much supports this project. With the South Downs National Park headquarters and planned new visitor centre being located in Midhurst we believe the development of safe routes for cyclists and walkers will do much to enhance the appeal of the whole region for visitors to The Park bringing economic benefit to Petersfield, Midhurst and the surrounding villages”

John Quilter, Chairman

“Greening Petersfield was set up to reduce our carbon footprint and what better way can this be achieved than getting out of your car and travelling from Petersfield to Midhurst by bicycle or on foot.  Greening Petersfield supports Shortcut in its campaign to provide a dedicated track between these two towns.  It will help Petersfield to further its role as the gateway to the South Downs National Park and provide a wonderful addition for leisure activities for its residents”.

Greening Petersfield

A safe off road route between Petersfield and Midhurst would be very beneficial for both communities and the villages between.  To be able to access these towns safely and without using a car would be a great boon to the health and well being of the area and enhance opportunities for business and commerce.

One Tree Books

“SRE recognises the many benefits of cycling as a means of transport and a leisure activity. The benefits to our communities,  health and the environment are immeasurable. SRE fully supports this exciting vision for a new traffic-free Greenway”.